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Friday, May 17, 2013

About the new FADE book....

Some background for readers who are new to the FADE series: when first released, it came out in three parts. FADE INTO YOU, FADE INTO ME and FADE INTO ALWAYS. Each installment was around 20,000 words. Not long after the third part came out, all three were combined into one novel-length ebook and paperback called FADE. That is the only version available now. (And the price is the same as if you had bought all three separately when they were for sale.)

The original edition of FADE ended with a short epilogue that is set two years after the book ends, giving a few details of what happens to some of the main characters in the book, as well as where Max and Olivia are at that point in their lives.

The epilogue in the new edition is even shorter, giving very little away. If you bought FADE after April 2013, you probably haven’t seen the slightly more detailed epilogue, so none of this will matter to you. If, however, you do have the edition with the slightly more detailed epilogue, you only know a few “big picture” facts. You don’t know how those things came about, though, or what Max and Olivia had to go through to get to that point.

Since FADE was published, I’ve received literally thousands of emails, Facebook messages and tweets asking for more about Max and Olivia. I didn’t want to write about them just for the sake of it, so I was reluctant, and wrote LAYOVER RULES instead.

Writing about Max and Olivia again would hinge on whether I thought there was a story worth telling, and whether there was enough about their characters to explore in a new book.

After much consideration in the seven months since FADE came out—and some sporadic writing about them—I've decided to go forward with a new book, and it will be released this summer.

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