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Thursday, December 20, 2012

FADE series reviewed by Dr. Laura Berman

The FADE series has been reviewed by Dr. Laura Berman, host of In The Bedroom with
Dr. Laura Berman and The Dr. Laura Berman Show, both featured on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.
Can love in LA survive when the paparazzi are involved? 
Erotic trilogies are wildly popular among female readers lately, and Kate Dawes’s Fade Into series (CreateSpace, 2012) is no exception. The first book in the series is Fade Into You, and it is followed by Fade Into Me and, finally,Fade Into Always
Fade Into You introduces us to Olivia Rowland, a beautiful woman from the Midwest who recently located to Los Angeles. Dealing with the culture shock isn’t easy for her, but compared to her painful past (which includes an abusive and unfaithful boyfriend), it’s a cake walk. She’s grateful for the fresh start and focusing on her job at a talent agency, but that’s just when things get complicated. She meets Max Dalton, a handsome, wealthy, Oscar-nominated producer who is well-known for his playboy ways and his “love ‘em and leave ‘em” lifestyle. 
Olivia tries to resist his advances, but she soon finds herself won over by his charm and their undeniable physical attraction. However, just as she finds herself opening up to him, he unceremoniously dumps her back on her doorstep after a hot date night, and she is suddenly brought back to reality: Max is impossible to tie down, and definitely not someone to be trusted. 
However, Olivia is unable to completely avoid him due to theirwork relationship (her agency wants to cast a client in Max’s upcoming movie project), and soon she finds herself back in his arms — and his bed.
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