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Friday, July 19, 2013

New Release Kindle Weekend Special

Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21

Get the entire New York Times and USA Today bestselling erotic romance series (FADE and HARDER WE FADE) for 2 bucks on Amazon!

Olivia Rowland leaves her Midwestern life behind after graduating from college and heads off to Los Angeles to work for a Hollywood talent agent. Life in L.A. is a culture shock, but nothing compared to the jolt she gets when Max enters her life.

Max Dalton is Hollywood's youngest and brightest movie producer/director/writer. He's wealthy, successful, hot, and there's never a shortage of women throwing themselves at him, but there's only one woman he wants, and he intends to make it happen.

As Max pursues Olivia, he finds that she presents a whole new challenge for him. When Olivia finally gives in the stage is set for a perilous, yet passionate relationship. Together they discover each other's deepest desires, and darkest secrets....

Get FADE for 99 centsAmazon US  |  Amazon UK

In the New York Times and USA Today bestselling FADE, Max and Olivia’s scorching hot romance was threatened by outside forces that could have torn them apart, but their bond was strong enough to endure.

Now, the FADE series continues…

Max has launched his own movie production company in Hollywood and keeps his promise to bring Olivia onboard as his partner in the venture. Her new power and influence at work reveals a completely different side of Olivia, igniting a new and unexpected desire in Max—much to Olivia’s delight.

Living with Max in Malibu, and getting to know his friends, Olivia gains a new perspective of the man she loves, even though some of it isn’t easy to take.

Pushed to her breaking point, Olivia finally decides to deal with her parents’ unwillingness to accept her life decisions once and for all. Meanwhile, she is put in a difficult position when Max’s mother trusts her with a heart-breaking secret about his shattered family.

Max and Olivia are back and hotter than ever in HARDER WE FADE.

Get HARDER WE FADE for 99 centsAmazon US  |  Amazon UK 


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